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Turquoise Rings, Necklaces, & More | Southwest-Inspired Jewelry

The jewelry at Turquoise, Texas invokes the spirit of Texas and the broader Southwest. Turquoise necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, and more can all be found here.

We believe in and value authentic merchandise that enhances wardrobes and empowers people.

Our classy cowgirl or cowboy accessory store, a western “Glamazon” as we like to say, appeals to those who want to emphasize personality, sophistication, and glamor all at the same time. Our exquisite jewelry and accessories inspire our customers’ love and appreciation for rarity. Both beauty and strength marry in our collection of turquoise jewelry and Navajo style offerings.

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Navajo-Inspired, Handcrafted Jewelry

Our passion for offering Navajo style turquoise necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendants ideal for any occasion is demonstrated in the traditional imagery that invokes Native aesthetic. From high-end, strong sterling silver material to unbelievably colorful stones, each jewelry combination truly individualizes your unique style statement and brings forth renewed confidence. In addition, you can shop various Hopi Native American artworks depicted in our collections.

Are you ready to ‘wow” friends, family members, and more no matter the occasion? We're here to help! Let's take a closer look at our unique product offerings at Turquoise, Texas.

Rings have the ability to impress in both size and style. Whether your aim is to respect and reflect Navajo fashion or be bold with Texas-sized stones, our store is equipped to enhance your preferred outfits. Our artfully crafted rings are the perfect accent to any western-themed wardrobe. Rings from our shop allow for various event and color combinations without overpowering your style or fashion sense. They'd be the ideal complement for any fun outing or homespun shindig. Sometimes, you don’t want to make a strong statement but, rather, utilize light style accents of turquoise color. Our ring collection helps customers gauge just the right fit and function for these gorgeous accent pieces.

What better way to show off individual gemstones and exquisite, silver textures in jewelry than through our necklaces? A vibrant necklace has the power to draw attention to your sense of style and fashion confidence. Many lovely shop jewelry pieces are waiting to inspire your fashion senses. Our necklaces' natural designs and details include floral and bead decoration accentuated by beautiful turquoise. These are specially designed to show off beauty and instill confidence as you wear. A mix of silver and turquoise color is emphasized in the various designs we have. Skulls, coins, tassels, and floral patterns are depicted through unique, artistic craftsmanship. Additionally, bolos, chains, and various squash designs are among the many styles and features offered in our necklace collection.

In addition to rings and necklaces, our bracelets and cuffs are made with strong sterling silver bands and include designs ranging from skull heads to animal and nature symbols. Shop individual sterling twist bangles or Kingman memory wire bracelets. Each item has its own flair, personality, and aura reflected in its color and style. Additionally, handcrafted Navajo style sterling pearl pieces become great stand-alone statements or complement other bracelet jewelry

Another great way to mix and match necklace designs is with colorful pendants adorned in vibrant shades of turquoise and opal. You can choose the perfect pendant to accentuate an outfit that pops with color and tasteful imagery. Silver is characteristic of many pendants.

The Turquoise, Texas Shopping Experience 

No matter the event or occasion, we are here to encourage and inspire you. We can help you choose from many fun and exciting jewelry ideas and fashion combinations that capture your personality and inherent beauty. Feel free reach out about our products and online shipping methods, if necessary. Getting you, your family, and your friends the right jewelry items is our priority. 

The convenience of our online store helps you choose the perfect gift ideas for you, your friends, and your family. Unleash empowered, cowgirl or cowboy confidence through jewelry and accessories available at Turquoise, Texas.

We look forward to inspiring you with our specialized, western-themed jewelry!